El comienzo de qué

Como el dominio del inglés es requisito indispensable para optar al Executive Training Programme de la Unión Europea, y probablemente mis comentarios sobre éste interesen sobretodo a gente que pueda querer optar, las entradas sobre ETP las voy a hacer en inglés.

In MY English, so bare with me ;-).

Before applying for the programme I spent countless hours googling for direct experiences from former ETP grantees. It stroke me as weird how small is the amount of testimonies that you can find on the internet about individuals that went through it, considering that the programme has been running for 25 years so far. This is part of the point of starting the weblog.

There are some people, though, that have indeed posted some feedback on the Internet, though. Since I have just been back from my first 3 days, I thought it made more sense to first just link to those that went through all of it. Not much to dig from, but there you have a (narrow) list of what I found publicly available:

The choice to be rational is arbitrary
Webblog by Richard Brooksby, ETP Japan 2005-2006 grantee. His experience with the former ETP program starts on his entry of April 4th, 2005. Talks mostly about him struggling with language classes, but has a very interesting post about renting an apartment in Japan. Check the following days through the Archive.
Weblog by a French guy, in French, which I happen not to speak. Former ETP grantee and married later on to a Japanese woman, from what I could decipher. Interpreting French from its similarities with Spanish proved to be too much for my interest, so I do not really know if there is anything worthy in it.
Tokyo House Hunting
Short essay by Claire Hénault, about finding an apartment in Tokyo, from an ETP grantee perspective.


Un españolito en Japón
In Spanish. Former ETP grantee (that’s what I assume, he does not state it openly). Main point of interestes are, as usual, his experiences renting an apartment and his description of the tough Japanese learning pace. The program now partners with another school (Waseda university), though.
Mi vida en Tokyo
Also in Spanish. Quite recent. From another ETP24 (that’s just before my cycle), this time a Spanish lady. Finally someone that talks about her experience of looking for a company to stay during the internship (besides all the usual stuff about the way Japanese classes worked, renting an apartment), etc. [She seems to still be around there… I guess I could drop a message in her inbox.]

I’ll update if someone points me to additional resources about individuals (I will create another post regarding useful institutional references, but Google is really spilling out of those).


2 comentarios to “El comienzo de qué”

  1. Benigne Says:

    I am the French guy you are speaking about!! Not many things about ETP on my blog, in fact nothing that can be of any help for you, I think. But if you need information, do not hesitate to write me! I can put you in contact with current Spanish ETP participants.
    All the best

  2. nacho Says:

    Uy, perdón, me equivoqué de puerta.

    No venía aquí



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